Telematics Solutions

iTroSys has positioned itself as an end-to-end telematics solution provider. Our telematics products range from Web applications to hardware devices, embedded devices to external device enablers. While some products focus on collecting detailed vehicle data for OEMs, others are focused more on needs existing in the B2B verticals.

We are focused on building best-in-class Telematics, connectivity and Fleet Solutions. Our suite of scalable telematics offerings addresses fleet applications. This is supported by a powerful & modular Telematics back-end platform, which is cloud based. Our entire team is based locally with end to end product engineering that leverages on our global expertise.

iTroSys provides Fleet Management Solutions for the vehicle owners in Transportation industry for effective track and trace of vehicles. Some of the key features of our products include:

  • 24/7 Real time Track and Trace via GIS map.
  • Monitor Fuel usage and alert on fuel theft.
  • Instant alerts for high and low temperatures in thermal sensitive parts of vehicle.
  • Alerts for various mechanical warnings
  • Configure custom Alerts and generate Value added Reports.
  • Two Way Communications
  • CAN-Bus Integration